Stephanie Farrell - CEO

Prior to organizing Left Hand Management, Stephanie was the Director of Operations at one of the largest private criminal justice and treatment providers for court-ordered clients in the state of  Colorado. She was an active participant in Colorado's  Medicaid expansion and implemented a program that fit seamlessly with existing treatment services. In the process, she built relationships with the Office of Behavioral Health, the Department of Healthcare, Policy, and Finance, representatives of private health insurance agencies and applicable Behavioral Health Organizations.

These activities allowed Stephanie to hone her skills in business operations, process improvement, program evaluation, and strategic planning. These skills are built on top of her almost 20 years of experience working with probationers and parolees in the treatment setting.

Stephanie is a former counselor with previous state certifications in substance abuse and domestic violence counseling. In addition Stephanie has a Masters degree in Public Administration and a Bachelors degree in Social Work behind her experience. Stephanie is a member of the Program Improvement Advisory Committee (PIAC) with the Colorado Department of Healthcare Policy and Finance. The PIAC is a panel of leaders in the respective fields that guide HCPF in further expansion of benefits. Stephanie represents SUD and Behavioral Health Providers. 

Administrative Support for Medicaid Providers and Consulting for SUD Treatment Providers

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Serving Denver and surrounding areas in Colorado

A Case Study

Jane enrolled for substance abuse treatment after receiving her 2nd DUI. At the time, she was unemployed and living in a van with her husband and her dog.

Once Jane was identified as a Medicaid client her counselor set about making referrals for additional services in order to address all of her needs and help her create lasting change in her life. 

Over the next 10 months, Jane:

  • Achieved Sobriety
  • Attended regular visits with a primary care physician
  • Lost more than 50 pounds
  • Stopped needing her high blood pressure medication
  • Obtained hearing aids
  • Got prescription eye glasses
  • Had several teeth pulled and new dentures made
  • Attended regular dental check ups
  • Secured not one, but two part-time jobs

Clients like Jane are what drive us.

We have seen these new opportunities change client lives for the better. We know that criminal justice clients can get out of the system and have satisfying lives if all of their needs are addressed. We know that as a result, we can create positive downstream effects within our broader communities and the public health and public safety systems that support them.