Get help navigating the complexities of Medicaid requirements, billing, and claims. We offer a range of administrative, training, and consulting services to help your business or organization reach its full potential, and help you stay focused on your clients. 

We understand that each company is unique, so we deliver custom solutions tailored to your needs. Explore what we have to offer and contact us  to learn more about how we can help.

Medicaid Billing Support for Providers
Medicaid Auditing and Compliance Services and Training

Health Insurance Billing​

We can provide a complete billing system that allows you to stay focused on client treatment while we submit your claims and track your revenue. Partner with us to check and monitor client eligibility, submit your claims, and reconcile your payments. We will provide you with a monthly receivables report of any outstanding payments due to you in order to assist you in budgeting and planning.

Medicaid Providers Services and Consulting and Practice Management
Staff and Team Training for Medicaid Provider Enrollment, Compliance, Audits, and Claims

Medicaid Provider Services

Medicaid Provider Applications and Programs

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​Staff and Team Training

Is your staff inconsistent with their documentation? Are you confident that they are aware of all the required information for Medicaid in their clinical documentation? Are they confused about the best use of each of the Medicaid codes? Let us train your staff to master the new Medicaid clinical documentation requirements so that they feel confident in which codes to use for each service and know what other ingredients are necessary in the supporting documentation. We can help you understand the diagnostic and treatment codes and how to best utilize them to maximize your efficiency and profits.


Are you concerned that your documentation does not meet the new Medicaid requirements? We can audit your records a few months before your licensure audit to make sure you are in compliance with state treatment standards, or set up an ongoing quality control program. We will audit your files or electronic records regularly to ensure you are in compliance.

Insurance Applications and Programs

Do you need help with your application for approval by the Office of Behavioral Health? Do you want to get approved to treat Medicaid clients?  We can design your program, draft your policies, and craft a complete Medicaid provider enrollment application with all the necessary ingredients to get approved by the Office of Behavioral Health. 


Are you the head of a criminal justice or human services agency, and curious how the Medicaid expansion might help your clients? Learn how to be a Medicaid provider, and tap into federal programs to increase services. We can educate you on the best use of Medicaid programs for your agency to significantly improve your budget and outcomes.

Contact us  for more information about how we can help you to refine a program that is good for your client, good for your company, and good for the community.