​Need a hand with Medicaid and insurance processes?

The expansion of Medicaid and private health insurance coverage for substance abuse treatment has created many new opportunities for SUD treatment providers to help clients get the help they need. With those opportunities, however, come the challenges of learning new regulations, requirements, and procedures.

Don’t know where to begin? Don’t give up! We will work with you to prioritize your needs and customize services to improve your practice and increase profits — so you can focus on your clients.

Our range of services cater to behavioral health treatment providers and the criminal justice sector, and include:

  • Help with Colorado Medicaid provider enrollment 
  • Auditing to ensure you are in compliance with new regulations
  • Billing, claims denial management, and revenue tracking
  • Clinical documentation training for staff
  • Consulting on how to be a Medicaid provider



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Let us handle the administrative processes, so you can focus on your clients.

Together, we can tailor a treatment regime that is good for the client, good for the company, and good for the community.

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New reimbursement opportunities for substance abuse treatment providers​ 

Now that substance abuse treatment is covered by insurance, the landscape for criminal justice and treatment agencies has changed dramatically. Providers may now be reimbursed for services including assessments, referrals, group therapy, individual therapy, substance testing, and case management.

This reimbursement opportunity allows treatment providers and criminal justice professionals to address a much wider array of client needs. This shifts the focus away from pushing clients through treatment to get out of the system quickly, and toward creating a holistic approach to overall client health and wellbeing. 

Navigating new insurance rules and processes

New regulations, documentation requirements, and diagnostic and billing codes can be confusing. These requirements are governed by several different entities and change often. Keeping up with everything can distract you from your primary goal of improving the lives of your clients. Some estimate that the addition of Medicaid or private health insurance adds 2-3 times the administrative workload. The approval process can be challenging, and learning the diagnostic and treatment codes in addition to the billing procedures can be daunting.